9 Benefits of Jumping Rope You Probably Don’t Know

Jumping rope? Isn’t that for boxers — and, um…little girls? Well, believe it or not the simple act of jumping rope can do more for you overall than the same time spent jogging. Jumping rope is also easy to do anywhere. A jump rope slipped in your backpack or bag can be brought along on…
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6 Reasons Jumping Rope Is The Best Exercise

You don’t have to spend hours exercising to lose fat and stay fit. A jump rope alone can make you the fittest you’ve ever been. Unfortunately, lack of skill discourages many people from performing this exercise. If you’ve never jumped rope before, realize that it’ll take you a few sessions to gain rhythm and coordination,…
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Jump Rope to Increase Bone Density

I love reading exercise related research studies because they so often prove the really obvious stuff. They certainly come out with some genuinely shocking news from time to time, but often it is verifying things that would seem rather obvious to most of us. This is a good thing since we shouldn’t blindly accept an…
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