The Flash Rope is very impressive. It cost half as much as my RX or Buddy Lee Ropes... and it just works much better. The cable is actually the same as the one on my RX rope... same gauge/thickness... only different in color. The handles and cable connection are unsophisticated… but work. I can definitely feel a huge gain in control. The roller bearing to o-ring to cable loop connection of the RX seem to be designed for flat out speed, but there is definitely a substantial amount of control lost. The Flash Rope feels more of an extension of my hand. I can slow down without having the rope fall in on me and move it during simple tricks with much more precision and consistency. For workouts, tricks and versatility... the Flash Rope seems to have a distinct advantage. The Flash Rope is also adjustable, and I can see going shorter as I become more accustomed to the rope. You have a very effective product... for me, the most effective available... and I've had the best of them. Good luck on your venture and I wish you a great deal of success.

Richie, Entrepreneur

My name is Ryan and I love my Flash Rope! I've gone through a couple different brands with poor results. After finding the Flash Rope videos on YouTube, I became an owner! My favorite feature is the adjustable length. I started out as a novice with long cable, now that I'm better, I can shorten the length for lightening fast speed. I'm a commercial pilot and having my Flash Rope makes it easy to get in a great cardio workout anywhere in the world. Great, simple, product.

Ryan, Pilot

My name is Austin. I'm really in love with the flash rope ! I've used a couple other types of jump ropes with average results. Seeing the Flash Rope on YouTube, I decided to buy one. My favorite feature is the lightweight feel the rope has. I started out at an advanced level, so I really noticed the efficiency of the rope. It's a great product; I would definitely recommend it!

Austin, Student

Hey. I'm Kyle E. My Flash Rope is fantastic!!! No more cheapo "speed ropes" from the gym. My Flash Rope is faster than fast. The cable moves so smoothly in the handles and the lightweight materials make it easier to jump for longer periods of time. I look forward to jumping every day! Thanks, Flash Rope."

Kyle, Student